A Day In The Life

The one question I am asked the most these days by people I know, is “what do you do day to day in PR?” and being able to give an answer along the lines of, “everyday is different”, is what makes me love my job even more (being surrounded by beauty products is just an added bonus). Everyday is a different agenda, whether it’s putting together creative mailers for my brands, sourcing press and media contacts, brainstorming creative ideas or going through new stock that comes in but to pull together what my day looks like in an overview, this is what I get up to.

6.30 AM

I love waking up early in the week so I have time to get myself ready for the day. If I have time, I’ll try to apply some eye masks whilst I’m styling my hair or picking my outfit as I find this helps to wake up and brighten my eyes. I then do my skincare routine which consists of a cleanse with cold water and plenty of moisturiser. Makeup wise, I slap on something quick and easy that gives plenty of glow and will still beat the heat on the tube. Some mornings, I’ll go to the gym before work but if not, I’m out the door at 8, ready to catch the tube to Farringdon.

9.00 AM

This is when my day starts, I’ll get into work (after picking up a coffee en route) grab the magazines and papers that have come in and head into the office. First things first, I’ll check my emails, responding to some and then I’ll start to look at the coverage that has come in from over the weekend (if a Monday) or the day before. Any pages or online titles our brands have been featured on, I’ll scan and send over to my press co-ordinator to then be sent on to the client.

11.00 AM

The next hour or two up until lunch varies entirely on the day and can consist of updating reports, sorting out stock, looking for future influencers, both celebrities and bloggers or researching into ideas and trends for upcoming mailers. If I have a mail out due to go out for the day, I could spend anything from 1 hour to 4 hours pulling it together (size dependant), making sure everything is there, ready for it to be picked up and delivered.

2.00 PM

An afternoon can typically be spent scanning social channels to see what people are talking about, looking online to see if there are any new beauty products or trends we need to be up to speed on or following up on social media to see if our creative mailers have been photographed. The afternoons are also when I’ll get products in the post that have been called in throughout the day from bloggers, hair stylists or makeup artists for upcoming features.

5.00 – 5.30 PM

I’ll check through my emails again, following up with anything that I’ve been working on throughout the day and updating the rest of the team before people begin to pack up for the day around 5.30-6.

6.00 PM

After work, I head to the gym everyday before going home and getting ready for what the next day in PR brings!

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