Are you a Cremaholic?

A new digital campaign titled “Cremaholics” is the latest venture by skincare brand Kiehl’s.

Since their takeover by L’Oréal in 2000 there has been a concerted push towards engaging with wider audiences, and re-engaging with existing customers, largely through digital platforms.

“Cremaholics” is a light-hearted, humorous video campaign, which utilises celebrities and influencers such as Maya Jama, to play on the modern-day addiction to skincare alongside promoting Kiehl’s’ product range.

Interestingly, Elle’s Beauty Editor, Joely Walker was also chosen to take part in this activity, further suggesting the changing press landscape whereby journalists are gaining traction as influencers (see also, Alessandra Steinherr). It aims to digitally interact with the public largely via Instagram through using the hashtag #cremaholic and the Kiehl’s’ website also allows you to select which degree of Cremaholic you are.

This range extends from Novice to Obsessive and depending on your selection the website will suggest a basic range of products to improve your skincare routine.

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