Become Insta-famous in just 7 steps!

Yep, it’s official. Instagrammers are taking over the world. Fancy being up there, mingling with the mega influencer elites?

Here’s our top tips for growing your followers on Instagram:

1. Get a good camera. This sounds simple, but it can go a LONG way to growing your account. Instagram’s bread and butter is beautiful, striking imagery; so bad quality, low-lit photos are an instant turnoff to potential followers. We would recommend the latest smartphone cameras for convenience; but if you have some pennies saved, a DLSR with a wifi chip is your path to Instagram stardom.

2. Look after your grid, and your grid will look after you. Decide on a theme for your entire Instagram feed, and stick to it. People are SUCKERS for consistency. We’re even talking down to infinite details, such as filters and colour schemes.

3. Post regularly. We would recommend at least once per day to keep you at the top of your followers mind, as well as getting your content out there and more likely to be seen.

4. Use hashtags. Obviously. Not only do they allow you streamline your different kinds of posts all together, but they are vital for visibility. The big ones (e.g. #brows) that get millions of views every day can sound tempting, but realistically your post will get lost in there and people may never see it. Try to find more unique hashtags that still have a fairly decent reach, but give you room to get noticed (e.g #perfectbrows). Try clicking on a hashtag that’s relevant to you, and looking at the ‘hashtags like this’ feature, which brings up similar ones for you to use.

5. Decide on your tone of voice, and stay true to it, with every single word you write. This is both for captions (v important) but also when engaging elsewhere on other accounts (vv important). Everything you say on Instagram; on or off your own profile; is promoting your channel, so make sure it is on brand. Which brings us nicely onto…

6. ENGAGE. So, you’ve got your beautiful feed and you’re posting regularly. Sit back and watch that follower count rise, right? Wrong. That’s not enough. You need to constantly engage with your community in order to establish a presence on Instagram. This isn’t just interacting with the people who follow you (which is hugely important), but also using the discover tool to find similar accounts and engaging with them. This is where you find your hot new potential followers.

7. Or, we could run your Instagram for you. Bet you didn’t know we do that, did you?

So now you have millions of followers; you can be a part of our ever-growing media list, filled with the tiniest niche bloggers right up to the coolest, most influential Instagram stars out there. Here at Kilpatrick, our combined knowledge of the health, beauty and lifestyle sectors will give your brand access to the best faces, most creative ideas, and coolest campaigns you could ever imagine. If we do say so ourselves.

Contact Jamie Vickery at or call 020 3603 2777 to discuss your Instagram needs.

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KilpatrickMarch 20th 2018

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