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1. Glamour Goes Bi-Annual

A recent article in The Times newspaper (07.10.2017) talks about the decline of UK magazine circulations. Glamour has just announced it is to go bi-annual (mainly focusing on beauty for these 2 print editions) and will focus its energies on launching as a “digital first” beauty brand.

Whilst this new platform is great news for our clients, should they be worried generally about the decline in print?? The Audit Bureau of Circulations revealed that Heat is down by 17%, Grazia by 13% and Look by 35% – all in the first 6 months of this year. Other leading titles, including Vogue, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping, equally fell, albeit more modestly.

Now more than ever our clients need to get their heads around the multiple approach to communications, not just relying on press to reach their customers. At Kilpatrick, we have a brilliant strategic eye and are able to create exactly the right blend of marketing tools for each product, each launch and each client. They differ almost every time but our mix doesn’t … bloggers, vloggers, newspapers by & magazines (print and online), social media channels, influencers and celebrities, and experiential activity direct to the consumer.

Print may be declining but our brands are only on the up.

2. Demise of the Body Shop

Recent news reports have L’Oreal selling the Body Shop and looking for around Β£1billion for it. I remember Body Shop when it first launched. The vision and integrity of Anita Roddick was what stood the brand apart from everything else. She was one of the reasons I went in to the world of beauty, seeing the force for good that could come from this amazing industry. Strangely I have ended up living opposite her beautiful house nestled in the Sussex countryside. The Body Shop still has a rationale for being. But it needs someone to champion the brand, champion the causes and the beliefs that made the Body Shop the brand it was, the brand it could still be. Whoever buys it, give me a call as I know exactly how to make the brand fit and well for the 21st century.

3. United Airlines

Strap line .. Uniting the World. Well, uniting the world in uproar perhaps. The recent video footage of a passenger being bumped off a flight due to overbooking has shocked the world. And in this day of social media the footage has been shared endlessly. To make matters worse, the CEO has waded in via twitter and his response has angered people further. His response is a classic example of how not to deal with a crisis. When you’ve been caught, on film, treating your customers in this way the only option is to apologise unreservedly to the customer and to show how you are going to ensure that this sort of incident never happened again. Happily not a client of ours but if you want any crisis management advice United, you know where to find us.

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