KPR Get Fit!

It was time…we’d all been talking about it – ‘oh I need to get fit’, ‘I want to be in better shape’, ‘strong is the new skinny’, bla bla bla, but we were all talk and no action! Classic! So KPR’s MD, Sas, gave us something to talk about!

Team HIIT training….

We would go together at lunch time to do an intense 45 minute HIIT training session, with a qualified (and very beautiful!) fitness trainer at the local Gym Box, in Farringdon.

Let’s go!
So (very!) enthusiastically we dash to get ready – you can’t move for Lycra around the office – and set off for our first class. Nervous butterflies flutter around our stomachs, with intense anticipation of what the next 45 minutes would hold.

Gymbox & George
Gymbox is a cool, but very intense gym environment. Everyone in there is on a serious mission and we joined them like a pack of giggling school girls, eager to get to class! Our instructor, George (or from now on we call him Beautiful George) is one of the ‘cool kids’ – with his latest Nike trainers, shorts over gym leggings and slogan vest top, you know he’s a popular face as he leads us to the breakout area, where we see nothing but yellow frames and what looks like torture equipment!

The Workout
We stand opposite each other, sharing equally giddy/nervous looks as Beautiful George leads us through a steady, but almost exhausting warm up. In groups of twos & threes he demonstrates a circuit course, which looks simple enough when he does is it (we forget he’s a professional!), but after 30 seconds in it leads to a ‘heart pumping out of chest, sweat dripping from hairline, can’t breathe, legs trembling’ experience! We switch, we turn, we drag and we drop for 45 minutes straight (with minimal breaks!) and we’re utterly pooped!

Feeling great!
We gather our breath and after a quick cool down, thank Beautiful George for his time in between breathy trembles and head to the showers to reflect on WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Although we are knackered, barely breathing and struggling to keep ourselves upright we all feel GREAT! The ‘happy hormones’ following exercise were bouncing off the walls of the changing room, as we gather ourselves together. We worked as a team, encouraged each other and were pushed beyond our comfort zone – it was the ultimate kick up the back side we all needed!

And now…we’re all obsessed!

Yes that’s right, we cannot get enough! We now see Beautiful George for weekly torture sessions over at the ‘trendycool’ Gymbox, with a beaming smile on our faces. The HIIT training not only gives us a new lease of life, but also gives us a dedicated time to bond as a team, get to know one another and encourage each other to reach our maximum ability.

Not to mention productivity back in the office – we all agree we’re on fire post a Beautiful George work out, so the benefits are endless!

Stay tuned for more of what KPR get up to on our new blog, here on our new fancy website!

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