So, why’s everyone going Instagram LIVE?

It will come as no shock to you that Instagram organic reach isn’t what it used to be. The platform even has an algorithm for stories now, making it harder and harder for your content to reach people. But one sure-fire way to be bumped to the top of the queue? It’s time to go LIVE.

Instagram Live videos automatically come up as a push notification on all your follower’s devices, as well as being given top priority on their newsfeed. This also creates a sense of urgency: you MUST watch this content now before it disappears forever (unless y’know, you do what most people do; save it to your profile so people can watch it later if they missed it).

Going Live can massively lend itself to increasing engagement on yours or your brand’s Instagram. It helps to build positive relationships and encourages interaction with your followers, especially if you are answering their questions live as they ask them via the comments. It brings your followers closer to your real life and makes them feel involved.

Tempted? We’ve put some tips together for your first time going LIVE.

First time going LIVE? Here’s where to start.

Creating a Live video on Instagram is a guaranteed way to get noticed by your followers; with it popping up as a notification on their phones, as well as being pushed to the top of their newsfeeds while they’re scrolling. So, if you fancy going live but don’t know where to start, we’re here for you.

Firstly, what are you going to do during your air time? It’s all very well pressing GO LIVE and improvising; but could be a bit awks if your fans tune in to you staring at the camera in silence.

You could use Instagram posts/stories to create a build-up, then launch a new beauty product via Insta live, to give it an exciting, exclusive feel.

Or how about giving your followers a peek behind the scenes? Make them feel like they are there with you, whether it’s at a super cool event or simply a look around your office or dressing table.

Educate them. People love to learn from the experts, so why not give them a live beauty tutorial on how to use your products? You could even feature a special guest (like a makeup artist) to get people tuning in.

Some other important things to consider when going live is to make sure you include a call to action, whether it’s to leave a comment, ask a question or visit the website. It’s also vital to create a build-up of your live video using not only your Instagram posts, but other social media platforms too, ensuring maximum viewers.

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