What We’re Loving

1. George our trainer

We do love him really, although sometimes we question why. George the trainer is starting us all on a new regime. It’s a mix of HITT and core training, using light weights (that’s us?!), bands and timed exercises like tabata. We know we’ll feel kick-ass good after each session so we are grateful. Really. Promise.

2. Seedlip

So the launch of Seedlip comes as no surprise. Hangovers seem to get worse ..or maybe that’s just old age. But there’s never anything very exciting to drink if you’re not sipping on a margarita or a cold glass of rose. The Seedlip strap line is “What to drink When you’re not drinking”. Genius in a bottle.

3. Puppy dogs

It’s been a long time coming but the newest addition at Kilpatrick is a very important one. Olive, the cockapoo, is just 13 weeks old but is going to be fabulous pet therapy for our team of 20. Oh, and did I mention that she’s an amazing shredder??

4. GymBox Blog

So I finally bit the bullet and signed up to Farringdon’s biggest and baddest gym – The All New Gymbox – all 42,000 square feet of it.

As a regular gym bunny and fitness fanatic I would say I am fairly confident and know my way around a gym – however stepping foot into Gymbox for the first time with the resident DJ spinning the latest house beats was actually quite daunting! The gym itself is huge – with a full-size running track, a fitness frame and water based rowing machines, it certainly covers the most up-to-date equipment but there was something about it that was really overwhelming and I can’t put my finger on it. My only saving grace was that everybody else was in the same boat – lots of blank faces and aimless wandering!

Having survived my first Bike N Beats class (and being directed to the studio by the boxing instructor!) I must say I am loving the GymBox vibe now I know my way around. The variety of classes are second to none(150 classes a week!) with my personal favourites being Gains, Bartendaz and Ripped & Stripped and if you can get over the first time fear of training in this performance based gym – I think you will enjoy it too!

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KilpatrickJuly 21st 2017

Hello Friday!! Who else is excited for the weekend? 🙋🏼🙋🏽🍷🍻

KilpatrickJuly 20th 2017

A great day of crystal healing with @your_emmylou & the Ghost DREAM team 🔮🙌🏼 - newness coming soon!

KilpatrickJuly 20th 2017

We're reading all about global beauty in today's Daily Mail -featuring @skyniceland Arctic Facial Oil & Under Eye Illuminator. Thanks @marianne_power_writer for including! 😘 🌏 🎉

KilpatrickJuly 19th 2017

Prosecco party at KPR 🎉🎉 ft @jen_norris90, @harrietmaysoles & a fleeting appearance from our Founder @kilpatrickteam_carri 🍻

KilpatrickJuly 19th 2017

Looking for a spot for #winewednesday or #thirstythursday? We recommend the sparkly & brand spanking new @tonightjosephine cocktail bar in Waterloo! A pink neon dream! 💓🍸

KilpatrickJuly 18th 2017

So enjoyed catching up today with THE K Beauty guru! #manbehindthemasques 🐯🐼😍#innovation #beautypr #beautypreneur

KilpatrickJuly 18th 2017

Spending our Tuesday in the sunshine, talking all things Caudalie with the very lovely @emmahoareau 🙌🏼☀️

KilpatrickJuly 17th 2017

Pleased to report phones back working so if you need us call us on +44 207 603 2777 as normal. ☎️ Thanks!

KilpatrickJuly 17th 2017

Our phones are down at Kilpatrick. Please use 07854 247262 if you need us urgently or email [email protected] #phonefail #beautypr

KilpatrickJuly 15th 2017

How does our @skyniceland team #StressLess? We go to LOVEBOX and bring a great group of journos of course! 🎉💃🏼🍻